To meet the needs of each of our customers, we adopt a completely artisanal process. This, in fact, allows us to customize the solutions for each request.


Among the various customized works, for our customers we create:


Gunwales / hand top rail made with solid teak, unfinished or polished;
Teak gratings: a teak wood grill (high resistance), an ideal solution to the need for a rapid flow of water, small beaches, walkways or showers;
Teak skirtings: mainly used on sailing boats, to rest your feet reducing the risk of slipping into the water, and at the same time to ensure the correct flow of water;
Custom flooring in teak and black ebony;
Custom-made wooden furniture elements: we have the possibility of creating nautical-inspired design or furniture elements, following the conception, design and construction phase.




Our main goal is to enhance the companies we work with, with the sole purpose of creating high-value solutions in the boats of end customers. We measure our success on that of our customers, in order to become the reference point in the industry.

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