ALL IN YACHT manufactures a variety of Teak covers for sailing or motor boats.



Teak (Tectona grandis) is the wood used for the construction of boats par excellence, thanks to the important properties it possesses. To achieve excellent results, however, it is necessary to select the best quality Teak in order to exploit its full potential.
Details matters for us, that’s why we want to give you a brief description of the Teak we use and the manufacturing process to build our Teak covers.


Teak is a very precious wood with a beautiful, very regular and uniform grain, coming from a very tall plant and it is oily. When it is seasoned and cut, it releases a suggestive coloring with warm, brown-golden tones, similar to tobacco.
Our highly prized blonde Superdecking is a type of Teak from the ecologically controlled forests of Burma, an area known for the production of the best quality teak for boating.


The properties that make it a perfect wood for boats are:

– its ability to withstand acids;
– low water absorption (which makes it a water-repellent wood);
– its resistance to parasites;
– the high silica content that makes it very resistant to wear and which allows it not to suffer the deterioration caused by time, weather and temperature changes.


Teak decks are generally prepared in the laboratory in various pieces which are then put together as a “puzzle” to proceed quickly with assembly. Subsequently, the decks are put in place by loading them with weights or with the vacuum system, using high quality adhesives and sealants. Thanks to the original technological innovations developed over the years, all preliminary work is carried out at the headquarters of our company, limiting the presence on site and on the boat only at the moment of the shape and assembly operations. This allows us to directly control every phase of the production process, from initial design to installation. We are thus able to view the entire construction process and the final quality directly on our tables.


In addition, this also allows us to offer customized solutions, ranging from the thickness or width of the staves and the wooden masts, variable according to the needs of the owner or the boat, up to the special seals, in three standard colors (white, gray and black).



Our main goal is to enhance the companies we work with, with the sole purpose of creating high-value solutions in the boats of end customers. We measure our success on that of our customers, in order to become the reference point in the industry.

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