A vision of boating characterized by technological innovation.

The story of ALL IN YACHT begins in 2011, thanks to Andrea Michelini.



After graduating in architecture, a lover of the nautical world, Andrea knew how to put together knowledge, skills and passion in a single activity, concentrating his goal from interior design to the world of boating.

teak ai tuoi piedi

In fact, it is his passion for boating and the desire to create a leading company in the sector that prompted him to start his business of manufacturing and installing teak decks for boats, specializing in the preparation of decks for yachts and superyachts.



The perfect combination of these ingredients has given Andrea Michelini and his company ALL IN YACHT a great credibility on the market, managing in a few years to enter with his team among the leading companies in the sector of teak decking for boats, thanks to his expertise, availability and the guarantees it offers on the product.

The skill and professionalism demonstrated by the architect Andrea Michelini and the qualified staff who make up his work team led him in a short time to obtain several important commissions, the results of which were immediately shown to be of the highest quality and excellence. To date, ALL IN YACHT is one of the most important companies in the luxury boat sector, working with important shipyards in the main Italian and Mediterranean coasts.



To give shape to its successes, it is also the vast processing surface that ALL IN YACHT has, fully equipped for its exclusive working method, from raw teak to the pre-assembly phase on boats.

The continuous search for the best Teak Superdecking, from ecologically controlled forests, combined with certifications such as ISO 9001: 2015, as well as an exclusive working method, and the RC guarantee for products on all the work carried out project the company at a level of excellence in the nautical world.



Today ALL IN YACHT works in fact with important shipyards from all over the world, but also with private customers, for which it designs and manufactures teak decks for their boats, sailing or motor.







Our main goal is to enhance the companies we work with, with the sole purpose of creating high-value solutions in the boats of end customers. We measure our success on that of our customers, in order to become the reference point in the industry.

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