We produce solid teak decks for sailing boats or motor boats.



We also take care of the construction of customized works (such as hand toprails, teak gratings, decks with black ebony wood inserts, creation of design or furniture elements etc.) and nautical refitting in order to bring the final customer’s boat back at the best sailing conditions and comfort on board. Let’s see in more detail the features that distinguish our services.


ALL IN YACHT manufactures teak decks for yachts and superyachts. The teak we use for our processes is a high quality sustainable Teak from Asia, seasoned and carefully treated in-house by our specialized staff. It is a material free of impurities and knots, which remains unchanged over time. The quality and compliance with the regulatory standards of this material combined with the great professionalism in the ALL IN YACHT Team, allows us to produce functional and distinguished deck solutions for  boats.


Our systems and the advanced technologies we have at our disposal allow us to offer customized solutions, ranging from the thickness or width of the wood, which varies according to requirements, up to the special sealing, in three standard colors (white, gray and black). Each process is delivered and confirmed by a product RC guarantee.


To meet the needs of each of our customers, we adopt a completely artisanal process. This, in fact, allows us to create solutions readily available to shipowners. Among the various customized works for our customers, we create:


– gunwales / hand top rail made with solid teak
– teak gratings
– teak skirtings
– custom flooring in teak and black ebony
– wooden furniture elements


We also deal with nautical refitting, that is the aesthetic and functional / technological requalification of the covers of already made boats and yachts. This broad category of redevelopment services of sailing or motor boats includes various activities, among which we find:


– sealant makeover;
– deck sanding;
– complete or partial remaking of the deck.



Our main goal is to enhance the companies we work with, with the sole purpose of creating high-value solutions in the boats of end customers. We measure our success on that of our customers, in order to become the reference point in the industry.

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